Welcome! The Quintessence Tribe is our very own collaborative of family and friends (all different ages, walks of life, men and women)  who are essential oil blenders, users, lovers and perpetual creators of inventive ways to incorporate plant based wellness into every day life.
I don't know about you but the idea of living and being healthier sounds amazing but it's hard. So hard. I've been drinking green smoothies for years and trying my best to sneak chia seeds into my kids' food but let's be honest, all this chemicals in our food talk is overwhelming and even all the talk about oils can seem the same. I get you.

Since the early 2000's I've used essential oils of all different brands primarily as aromatherapy or as perfume/body spray. I'd "burn" lavender in my office or wear patchouli on my wrists but it was all about a scent and nothing more really. Yet...
When you think about it thought, your sense of smell/scent is most closely connected with your memory out of all your senses, so attaching certain fragrances to routines and spaces in your life can be quite emotional. But beyond just inhaling certain scents, dōTERRA oils, because of how they are made, can also be used beyond aromatically but also topically and internally. This, for me, has been a game changer. What if I ingested the lavender? Which I began to do and watched things like my perpetual hormonal acne begin to clear. What if I used lavender topically? Which I did on my son's mysterious leg rash after camping in the mountains that the doctors could not seem to diagnose. And guess what? Two days into the application of a blend of lavender and melaleuca my son's rash was GONE after over a week of battling it. I went from just loving a scent to realizing this plant power in liquid form is THE JAM.  

If you're wondering, here's why we're crazy for dōTERRA brand oils: 

  •  Many of their oils can be taken internally (which most brands cannot)
  • The potency of their oils is noticeably intense... we consider them the fine wine of essential oils
  • Their oils are derived from plants grown in their most natural environments: nationally and internationally 
  • Their approach is holistic - the science and study behind everything from the tiny beautiful bottles of oil to the supplements and beauty/cleaning products are designed with incorporating the power of plants into all facets of your life...with physical and emotional wellness in mind
  • They are a step above organic and they maintain an internal standard of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade with no fillers, artificial ingredients, chemical substitutes or contaminants

New members of our Tribe receive a Quintessence Tribe Burlap Goody Bag (content change monthly)!

New members of our Tribe receive a Quintessence Tribe Burlap Goody Bag (content change monthly)!

I have a friend who has been part of my spiritual community for years and when we get together she would pull out her keychain oil holder and share her oils and concoctions with our group and I remember the first time I opened one of the bottles thinking, THIS STUFF IS DIFFERENT than oils I've experienced before. It was stunning. So I attended an Oil 101 class with her and ended up buying an enrollment kit and from the day that purple box showed up on my front porch, I've been madly in love (btw, I'm not even into purple :) One of the oils in my first kit that I had tried at the class was BREATHE. I have a son who has Radical Allergies Disease, RAD, ironically, and the poor guy has been seeing an allergist for years because every blade of grass and tree makes his life miserably every Spring and Fall. But for us, a protocol of using Breathe topically (feet, neck, chest, sinuses), diffusing combined with a few other oils (Tri-Ease, OnGuard, Peppermint), have been making him a less stuffy, less itchy-throated and pollen stricken kid. He has had his first Fall and Spring seasons feeling like a whole person. I guess a person allergic to plants needed more plants in the right form to help desensitize him.  Here's a little more about the Breathe blend:

With a very busy lifestyle, managing both a non-profit and a family business, trying to keep up with our kids and do more than just survive and fit in our jeans so to speak, we have comprised a bit of a personal arsenal we take with us where we go. We have a bit of an addiction to restoring old things  and after many moves and house renovations just finished an Airstream reno and we have been attempting to steal away when we can to adventure together. Even in our tiny camper, there are certain oils and items that we just MUST HAVE and here are a few...


Screenshot 2017-03-18 23.00.59.png

I have so many drawers full of supplements, much to my husband's dismay and not only do I hate taking pills but I'm not sure anything I was getting from the health food stores were really doing much. I try to eat my vitamins in my food/smoothies but let's be honest, some days are coffee and pizza and wine and then what? From the time I began taking this pack faithfully I have felt increased energy, better skin, I HAVEN'T GOTTEN SICK and I could go on and on. MUST HAVES.


This is referred to as a GROUNDING BLEND. I'm not a super floral person. This scent, for me, is everything I love about oils. It's a mixture of Spruce Needle/Leaf, Ho Wood, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, and Blue Chamomile Flower essential oils. Diffuse it, use it topically, bathe in it, don't be without it. 

It promotes a whole body sense of relaxation, may help ease anxious feelings, and evokes feelings of tranquility and balance.



Every woman on this planet should have this roller ball bottle of magic. I use this several times daily as do many of my friends and family and it's a game changer. It has helped with cramps, mood swings and balancing emotions.  This is a topical blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa, and Vitex. I use it on my temples, neck and even on my stomach for cramps. It's the ultimate weapon for women for sure. 


Guatemala is one of the countries impacted by healing hands & it is also a place in which we have personally invested.

Guatemala is one of the countries impacted by healing hands & it is also a place in which we have personally invested.

Like I needed one more reason to love dōTERRA, when I found out all that they do not only with their profits to help others but also empowering poverty stricken communities through the production of these oils, my heart exploded.  Coming from a non-profit background and having a passion for working both locally and internationally, I have been moved by how love is in the details here. You can read more here about HEALING HANDS, their humanitarian partnerships and their committment to Co-impact Sourcing (see video below)



I can help you and provide you with an online community that we have built and bonded that will give you ideas, recipes, suggestions and personalized help! Click below to investigate your options and learn about The Quintessence Tribe burlap goody bag of the month for new tribe members (hint: GOOD STUFF)!