My name is Taryn Hofert and I'm a lifelong writer, humanitarian at heart, communicator, musician, songwriter and creative consultant specializing in creating moving moments and momentum through writing, branding, marketing and music. I have spent the past 23 years helping organizations, churches, individuals and businesses (both large and small) articulate their story/purpose with heart and uniqueness. 

If you have a cause, I can help. 




With a team of some incredibly skilled and creative film makers, graphic designers, musicians and web designers , I am able to team up to be a one stop shop for your branding, rebranding and messaging needs. If you need more than marketing and writing, we can collaborate to bring your project or cause to fruition in beautiful ways. 


(The Eighths, not to be confused with “The Eighties”, of which I’m a fan of as well).

But in case you were wondering from whence this moniker came:

I was read a book a few summers ago... a very controversial book, to say the least.

And whether or not you believe Love Wins or Love Loses, there’s a section in this book that is undeniably a gem.

The author draws a parallel between the 7 signs (or miracles) that Jesus performed and the 7 days of creation. But there’s an 8th sign as well included in the book of John. In chapter 20,  Jesus rises from the dead. The author says:

“It’s the eighth sign, the first day of the new week, the first day of the new creation. The resurrection of Jesus inaugurates a new creation, one free from death, and it is bursting forth in Jesus himself right here in the midst of the first creation.

The tomb is empty, a new day is here, a new creation is here, everything has changed, death has been conquered, the old has gone, the new has come.” 



In the Genesis poem, God created in 7 days and presents humanity with boundless possibility and we have in our hands on that 8th day the “NOW WHAT?” potential. Jesus comes and after 7 signs His NOW WHAT is resurrection. Breathing life into that which was dead and drab and dull. Each time we create, each time we “make special” the monotonous, each time we bring beauty and color to the world around us we are entering the NOW WHAT territory or, the eighths neck of the woods.

That moment when you look through fresh eyes at the pristine garden of opportunity surrounding you. That moment when life swallowed up death and granted the failed gardeners a second chance. That "I've been given so much now what to do with it" sunrise. 

I hope through what I do through writing, designing, creative consulting and song to cultivate the garden. To never lose sight of the wonders that preceded me and to help you claim (or reclaim) the stunning beauty of the eighths in your life, organization or mission. Let's talk. 

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