T A R Y N  H O F E R T 

I'm a wife of 16 years to Scott. I'm a mom of two boys. I'm a Godmother to another boy to whom I promised I would mention in every bio of mine from this day forward. I am a child of God- and so are you.

I'm also a freelance writer, musician and speaker living right in the heart of Charlotte, NC, aka The Queen City. I'm a pastor's wife, a leather smith's wife (I only have one husband, calm down), a small business co-owner, a co-founder of Watershed, a worship leader, a thrifter and a DIYer. I'm an avid oiler and wellness advocate with The Quintessence Tribe which sounds as weird and wonderful as it is. I'm not the greatest cook but I love to eat. I'm a 5 year pescetarian thus far. I'm a runner and giving yoga a try. I'm often over-reactive striving to be a peacemonger. 

I believe in a decent bedtime for kids. Every night. Because. I believe in longevity. I believe fried pickles might just convert this northerner. I believe in chunky sweaters but not a climate that requires them through Spring. I believe Amy Poehler and Tina Fey need a third best friend and that friend should be me. I believe mayo is the devil's condiment. I believe in laughing so hard that no sound comes out. I believe my dance moves are limited to Elaine Benes moves and look forward to decades of embarrassing my children with them.

I've been burned by the church but I won't give up on her. But while I won't give up on her I totally get while people have and do and love those people a whole lot. Lots and lots and lots. I keep them in the forefront of my heart. I have grown to learn that to love God is to love His church, because when you love Someone, you love what they love.